January's Photographer

January's Photographer: 

David Jackson, 32

David, a CMM Programmer and Quality Technician employed by ZF Gainesville LLC, lives in Gainesville, with his wife, Brandy, and their two fur babies, Millie & Jax. David is a lover of the outdoors who enjoys a good adventure and has been so as long as he could remember. He gains his inspiration for photography from following amazing photographers amongst multiple social media platforms, and just simply enjoys the art of capturing a moment in time. He doesn't prefer any one specific style or genre more than another. He feels that  no matter the photo, there is always a story or feeling that goes along with it.  It wasn’t until November 2019 that his love of photography and love of the great outdoors collided and he developed an urge to go out and capture his own photos and stories. That urge rapidly grew into a passion like no other that he's experienced before and he has no intentions of slowing down!

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