Tennessee Rock Trail

Tennessee Rock Trail - Clayton, GA

Start: Black Rock Mountain State Park 

Location: Clayton, Georgia

Distance: 2.2 mile loop

Difficulty: Moderate

Dog Friendly: Yes

You will park in a small parking area located off of Blackrock Mountain Parkway in Clayton, Georgia. There is a $5 daily parking fee at all Georgia State Parks. You can purchase one at the park or passes are available online. From the parking area, you will walk by some picnic tables and up to the trailhead. This is the trailhead for both the James H. Edmond trail as well as the Tennessee Rock Trail. Be certain you are getting on the correct trail when you begin. After you start the Tennessee Rock Trail it will split. If you go to the left, you will gain about 400 feet in elevation in less than half a mile. If you go to the right the climb will be more gradual but you will be going uphill for longer. 

The trail is lined with mountain laurel and large hardwoods. You will come into a section of the trail marked as a fragile botanical area. You cannot help but notice a particular tree that stands out. The earth beneath it has washed away leaving its grand roots exposed. It almost looks as if the tree was just about to walk away as you approached. This sight will most definitely leave its mark on you. 

Depending on the path you took to start the trail, you will either begin or end with some impressive views. The lookout on this trail is something else. In the Spring, the green in the trees nearly looks fake. While in the Fall, the orange, reds, and yellows stand out beautifully. The climb to this lookout makes it all worth it. Stop, take it in, and enjoy this beauty. 

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