May's Photographer

May's Photographer: 

Kimie Yates

Kimie, a former music teacher, resides in Macon with her husky pup, Bodhi. She rescued Bodhi in January of this year and he has turned into a great hiking partner. Kimie is an artist who makes a living from her passions of singing and photography. She has many talents which include playing the piano and guitar. She spends much of her downtime hanging on Lake Sinclair. Kimie enjoys the outdoors and loves to capture the moment in her photos.  Originally, she began taking pictures with her phone when out hiking and camping, but one day she took a leap and got a DSLR. She owns a Nikon D3300 and Sony 6500. She still is not quite sold on the mirrorless, but the weight is definitely nicer for hikes. Her interest in astrophotography really sparked her love for photography. She used cheat sheets off of Pinterest for settings and then she would go out and test them and keep notes of what she liked. She was published in Backpacker in 2019 and 2020. She is still waiting on Nat Geo to give her a call ;-). 

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