Emery Creek Falls Trail

Emery Creek Trail - Eton, GA

Start: Trailhead off of Old CCC Camp Rd

Location: Eton, Georgia (near Chatsworth)

Distance: 6 mile out-and-back

Difficulty: Moderate

Dog Friendly: Yes

Emery Creek Falls Trail is one of our favorite hikes in Georgia. It has everything that Summer hiking dreams are made of! Multiple creek crossings, changing terrain, and a stunning waterfall make it one of our top picks for a Summer hike! Read on to get the details on how to get there and what to expect.

You will park in a small parking area located off of a dirt road, Old CCC Camp Road, in Eton, Georgia (near Chatsworth). It does get crowded on the weekends and you may have to park along the road leading to the trailhead. A 4x4 vehicle is not necessary, but depending on which direction you come from you may end up on the dirt road for approximately 5 miles. The road is fairly well maintained, so you should be able to make the trip with no problem in any type of vehicle.

The trailhead is marked by a wooden information sign. The trail will begin behind this sign. This trail has over 15 creek crossings and can be difficult to follow. There are several ways to cross the creek the first time. There is a large rock, pictured below, near the first creek crossing.

Emery Creek Falls Trail First Creek Crossing

If you cross to the right of the rock, it is quite deep and slick. You can cross to the left.  We tried both and found it easier to cross to the left. There is a trail both directions. If you cross to the left, the water will be knee high in some areas. If you cross to the right, the water is waist deep. The photo below is the first creek crossing to the left. 

The trail is marked with light green blazes. The creek crossings are often marked by red, yellow, and green plastic ties that people have placed on trees. Each time you come to a potential creek crossing, look for these ties. If you cross the creek and don't see a green blaze shortly after, you have likely gone the wrong way. See the photos below as examples of the creek crossing ties and the light green trail blaze. 


The trail is relatively flat. We saw many children on this hike and our 8 year old was able to complete this hike without issue. Many hikers recommend wearing water shoes. We all hiked in waterproof hiking boots. Your boots will get wet due to the deep creek crossings. Wear shoes that you are comfortable in if they get wet. 

This is an out-and-back trail so when you reach the falls you have completed half of the hike. There is a large open area to hang out just before the falls. You could have lunch here or rest before heading back. There are many smaller falls on this trail, but the largest, most scenic falls, are a 60ft cascading waterfall located at mile 3. 

This is a must do trail. It's a unique adventure in the North Georgia Mountains. The creek crossings and lush green ground coverings make this trail a true beauty.  Pack out what you pack in and clean up after yourself. Help us keep this trail beautiful. 

Also- how on earth did this get out here? A neat touch to this trail. 


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