Dukes Creek Trail

Dukes Creek Trail - White County, GA

Start: Dukes Creek Trail Parking Lot

Location: Helen, Georgia

Distance: 2.3 mile out-and-back

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Dog Friendly: Yes

This trail is easy to locate by GPS which leads you to a fairly large paved parking area. There are non-flushing restrooms in the parking lot. This area includes picnic tables and grills, giving families an option to do lunch here. There is a $4 cash parking fee for each vehicle. The trail begins from the parking area leading down a wooden planked walkway with a series of steps. The trail then leads onto a flat wide gravel trail. 

The hike to the fall is completely downhill for just over one mile. You will travel through a series of switchbacks until you come to two separate viewing platforms.  You can hear the falls long before you can see them. The 150 foot waterfall is spectacular and underrated in our opinion. The falls peak through the dense forest as you approach them

Once you get to the viewing platforms you will want to spend some time here enjoying the falls. This hike can get busy on the weekends so we suggest showing up early. The water is clear and absolutely beautiful. As you sit on the platform admiring the falls, they seem to disappear into the forest above. 

The trail leads you back up the same trail that took you to the falls. The trail is wide the entire hike so if you need to stop and catch your breath there is room to do so. We hope you and your family enjoy this one!

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