Cartecay River Loop

Cartecay River Loop - Ellijay, GA

Start: Parking lot off Martin Road

Location: Ellijay, Georgia

Distance: 3.4 mile loop

Difficulty: Moderate

Dog Friendly: Yes

You will park in a small parking area located off of Martin Road in Ellijay, Georgia. This is a Wildlife Management Area so a day pass is required. You can purchase one online before you go. They will not be available on site. You can take the wrong trail when this trail begins so listen up! From the parking area, you will walk around a "Road Closed" gate. You will walk along a gravel road until it comes to a fork. At this point, be certain to keep left. The trail will lead you through an open field and eventually down to the river. 

After walking through the field, the trail leads into the forest. You will then be taken down a steep decline that leads to the river. This section of the Cartecay River is absolutely beautiful. The trail leads along the river for the majority of the loop. There are areas to hop in and take a dip as well.


On the backend of the loop, there are several inclines though none of them are steep. On your way back to the car, stay right. There is another trail that leads off to the left. Overall, this trail is not overly difficult and great for the whole family.


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