April's Photographer

April's Photographer: 

Bill Rubino, 49

Bill, a self-taught photographer, resides in Canton with his wife, LeeAnn. He moved to Georgia during his middle school years. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, he was drawn to nature at an early age after being brought up in a big city. He has hiked and backpacked most of his life. He feels grateful to be able to experience the beauty of north Georgia and all that our state has to offer.  At first, photography was not the reason he hit the trails but it became a way for him to better capture and hold onto the memories from his favorite trails.  He thought back to sunrises and sunsets on his many backpacking adventures and the photos he had taken on his phone which did not truly capture his own recollection of how the event actually was. In the spring of 2019, he began watching Youtube videos relating to landscape photography.  After dozens of hours of content consumption, he bought his first camera, a Canon 80D and a Lightroom subscription. He thought back to campsites he had stayed in over the years and, in particular, the sites with the amazing sunrises and sunsets.  Using his new camera, he couldn't wait to see the detail that could be revealed in the shadows and highlights that were otherwise lost using a phone.  It didn't take long for him to talk himself into going full-frame and mirrorless. He is now shooting with the Canon 'R' and it has sparked a renewed excitement in his photography. Bill said that he is grateful for the area he lives in. He loves that it takes a short car ride to some of the most beautiful places in Georgia. He is also very grateful for the community of photographers and nature lovers that are encouraging, inspirational and positive towards each other. 

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